Welcome to Dog Training Universe

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Here you’ll find many practical ways to train your lovely dogs, make them to listen to you and obey you ..

Dog training is not that hard!

Dog training is not that hard!

Dog training is not hard

Do you ever get the feeling that your dog is the “master” and you’re just along for the ride? I’m sure you’re not alone. In your house, it’s your dog’s couch, chair, bed (in your bedroom), not yours, and if you try to reclaim this space, you might get a growl in return. Are you frustrated with your dog’s consistent disobedience to any of your commands.

If this sounds familiar in any way, you’re on the right path here – there is a way to turn your dog into an obedient dog with the proper dog training tips.

One thing that you have to remember is that Dog Training is not a hard but you can’t expect them to obey your command over a night.  Training dog is like teaching your kids. They know nothing at start as their brain is empty. But the good part about being empty brain is it can absorb pretty much everything you put in without rejecting it but because the knowledge that you’re trying to teach them are so new to them. That’s why sometimes when the dogs don’t obey you,  it’s because they don’t remember how to react to your command, not that they’re trying to ignore.

The training needs some times

Better to start when theyre little.

Better to start when they're little.

Just imagine the feeling of pride when you instruct your dog or puppy to perform a trick and he does it correctly all the time. Teaching some very basic dog training tricks to your pet is not as difficult as it may sound like.

You can start by teaching him one trick each week. And you have to be patient. Training dos is like teaching your kids. They both are very new to world and they know nothing like what you’ve known. Dogs or puppy don’t know why they can’t just use any where as their toilet as they have no concept about manner or hygienic.

So the dog training needs some times. You’d have to go slow with them,  training them step by step and do not pressure them too much. Very soon you’ll find that your little best friend can do their job very well and much much more than you’ve expected! It’s such a great reward, isn’t it?


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