Thank you everyone for reading my blog :D

Thank you everyone for reading my blog 😀

Hi I’m Y-metal. I’m a dog maniac! I’m interested in dog! Everything about dog, how many type of them, How different between each breed and how to train them. When I was little, I never believed that dogs could understand a word what I talked to them all the time. Until one day, one of my girl friend told me that another friend of mine had talked behind me in a very bad way- she was one of a close friend of mine who always visited me at my house all the time besides she’s very familiar with my dog “Missy”. At the time that my girl friend was telling me about the gossip, Missy was on my lap. And of course Missy didn’t show her genius side to anyone – she behaved like ordinary dog.

My little genius Missy at 6 months old.

My little genius Missy at 6 months old.

But on the next day, my back stabber friend came by to see me at home without knowing that I knew about her words to  me.   At the moment that Missy heard her voice coming, she quickly jumped from my couch and started barking non-stop to my back stabber friend angrily like she’s never done it before.! I tried to calm her down by holding her up and patting her.

Missy calmed down for a bit when I did that but then whenever my friend said a word again, Missy’ll start barking and growling again like she’s very angry at my friend for upsetting me.  It’s quite obvious that Missy knows what’s going on.! and she knows who’s saying bad about me. I was totally surprised by her  no-ordinary dog behavior!

I have to thanks to Missy for the fact that she’s opened another world of

This's Missy when she's 6 months old. Isn't she adorable?

This's Missy when she's 3 months old. Isn't she adorable?

perception to me.  It’s the world that make me realize that dogs are very smart and very loyal (sometimes more than some friend!). They know much more than what you think they know. And I believe in one thing that if they have to, they can die for you.  So to me, the most loyal friend that I’ve ever had is of course, My Missy!

Thanks Missy for being a great inspiration for me to create this dog training blog.

♥♥♥ Y-Metal


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