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Top 10 Dog Training Mistakes

My beloved dog "Missy"

My beloved dog "Missy"

If you are in the process of training your dog or considering it, then you might like to check the following list to ensure that you are not making one of the common mistakes.

1) Giving different words for the same command.

If you want your dog to obey your commands, you must be consistent with the words that you use. For example you may issue the command ?Sit? most of the time. It is no good expecting your dog to also sit down when you say ?Get down off my favourite chair?

2) Rubbing nose in urine

This has no affect on training a dog. All you are doing is burning is nose. Which is probably something that you don?t want to do.

3) Smacking, hitting and punishing the dog.

Experts dog trainers have shown that this type of human behaviour has no positive effect on a dog,

4) Shouting

This will just confuse the dog. Remember, that the whole point of verbal commands is that you have taught the dog to learn from the sound of your voice to link it to an action that he needs to take.

5) Letting the dog eat at the same time as you.

This indicates to the dog that he is your equal. What you need to do is let the dog eat after you. This will teach him that you are the master and in control.

6) Making training session to long.

15 minutes is just about right for a training session. This keeps it fun for young dogs that can have a short attention span.

7) Starting training too late in the dogs life

It?s far easier to train a young puppy. As a dog gets older you will have to put in a lot more obedience training and may have to take the dog to a training school.

8) Puppy crate to big

Puppies don?t like to be a in a big crate. It makes them feel uncomfortable. You can get crates that are adjustable. So that as the dog gets bigger you can adjust the size of the crate to accommodate him.

9) Training the dog when you are in a bad mood.

Don?t train the dog when you are in a bad mood. This means that the tone of your voice will be different and the dog will not be able to link your verbal commands to the action that he should take.

10) Not giving lots of praise.

To enforce your commands, when the dog has taken the right action give him lots of praise.

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Dog Potty Training Guide..

Facts to be aware of.

If you want me to do the right thing, you have to have patience with me.

If you want me to do the right thing, you have to be patience with me.

*You will have to put some effort into training your puppy or dog.
*You have to be consistent.
*You have to be diligent.
*Expect accidents.

**Before your puppy is potty trained don’t let him have the run of the house. Try to contain him to the room you spend the most time in so you can watch him most of the time. Close all bedroom doors and barricade other areas that do not have doors. One idea to contain puppy is to use baby gates.

**It is never a good idea to get a new puppy on Saturday or Sunday and then go to work on Monday. If it is possible try to organize at least a weeks leave from work so you can spend some intensive time potty training your puppy

**In average, it’ll take about 2-3 weeks for the potty train

I think It's time for a potty train.!

I think It's time for a potty train.!

Tools Required for Potty Training:

Happy Voice Unhappy Voice 

Have an acceptable area where you will allow toileting

1. First decide where you will allow your puppy to go to the bathroom. Have acceptable areas. It could be in your back yard or on old papers

2. I only used papers for a short period of time and only when the puppy was very young. Over a period of time I moved the newspaper from just inside the door to just outside the door and then I completely removed the papers altogether.

(If you are potty training your puppy to go outside ensure that he can get out! Can you leave a door open? Do you have a doggy door? Does he know how to use the doggy door?)

The signs that your puppy is about to eliminate

This's usually the 1st or 2nd sign when they want to go to toilet

This's usually the 1st or 2nd sign when they want to go to toilet

Puppies are very quick. One minute they are playing and the next minute they are peeing on your carpet.  At training period, you must have all of your eyes on him all the time… But it’s hard I know, so these are  some hints for you to be ready for the action.

Some of the signs that your puppy is about to pee are:

  1. Sniffing the floor

  2. Circling

  3. Whimpering

  4. Taking off suddenly to another room or area. They often do this when they want to poop.

Give your puppy the right message

You don’t want your puppy to get a wrong messege that peeing and pooing are wrong. But you wants them to know that eliminating at a wrong place is not acceptable.

When you’re seeing your little one showing the signs above, you should “gently” pick him up and place him at out side or on your papers. Do not frighten him when you doing that.

Don’t forget to reward him when he’s done the right thing by patting him or compliment him. (We should keep the snack reward for the harder task later on.!)

If accident occurs

1. When you catch him in the act tell him firmly in a ‘not happy voice’ , “Nooooo don’t pee there.” Then take him to the newspaper or outside. If you shout and carry on at him it will only frighten him and he will soon learn to sneak off and do it where you can’t see him. “So do not shout at him”

2. If your puppy have already started to pee by the time you reach him and although you may have dribbles across the floor still take him to the newspaper and then praise him for being there. Sometimes you are not quick enough and he has finished peeing by the time you reach him. Never mind.. take him to the paper anyway and tell him ‘Do a pee here, good boy. Clever dog.

Do Not ever make the papers something to be frightened of.

I have found it helps to put some dog pee on the newspaper because the pup will identify the smell and associate it with toileting. When your puppy has an accident blot a little of the urine on to the newspaper. Somewhere in his brain he might think ‘Hmmm, pee smell here. I think this would be a good place to pee.’ and so he pees on the newspaper.

When your pup goes to the newspaper or outside of his own free will, wait until he starts to eliminate and then as he is doing it tell him in a happy voice what great fellow he is. ‘What a good boy… do a pee on the paper… good work… well done’

Have a Schedule

1. Take your puppy outside once for an hour. Stand with him but don’t distract him at all. Let him sniff around. If he goes to the bathroom while outside  tell him what a good dog he is while he is actually peeing or pooping  Choose a word for his elimination. You can call it what ever you want as long as you are consistent with it. For example: While he is peeing say, “Do a pee, good boy, well done” or “Go potty, great work, good dog’ By saying these words your puppy will then be able to learn these words and associate them with the action. In the future you will be able to ask your dog to urinate on command.

2. Immediately after he is finished toileting let him know how happy you are you can pat him  Praise him, play with him. Let him know that if he goes to the bathroom outside you are very very pleased with him.

2. If you take the puppy outside and after three or four minutes he hasn’t gone to the bathroom bring him back inside and try again in ten minutes.

3. Puppies will normally need to go just after they have eaten and after they have woken up. Always take your puppy outside after these events. They go plenty of other times too so keep a watch out. Take him outside as soon as he wakes and within a few minutes of eating. (Mature dog will take  about 15-20 min after eating )

4.Puppies may also need the potty while playing. If your puppy runs away from a game you are having always suspect he is off for a toilet break.

Expect Accidents

Expect some accidents.

Expect some accidents.

Don’t have unrealistic expectations of your puppy. He is going to have plenty of accidents before he gets the message of what is expected of him.

Praise not Punish

1. Praising your dog for doing the right thing will always work far better than 2. Punishing him for doing the wrong thing. Don’t get angry. Don’t go overboard by yelling and screaming. Teach your dog by positive means instead of negative reactions.

Too Late. I just stood in it!

Accept some of the blame yourself, you should have been watching him better. Don’t get angry.

If you find the mess or puddle after the event has happened do not rub his nose in it. This is a big NO NO and such an old fashioned idea that doesn’t work.

However, you must let him know that this is unacceptable. Put your dog on his leash and take him to the puddle or mess. Change the tone of your voice… adopt a not happy voice and say ‘I’m not happy with this‘ while pointing to the puddle or poop. It is more than likely that your pup will not want to look at what you are pointing at and he will avert his eyes from what you are showing him. Often, he will try to change the subject and maybe try to start a game or look for some other things to do. Ignore this  behavior. Always have some toilet paper or tissue at the ready and pick up the poop or blot the urine and take it outside and put it where you would have liked him to do it in the first place.

Make sure you still have him on the leash and that he accompanies you and watches every step of the procedure. Put the tissue on the ground and then tell the puppy in a happy voice, ‘Good place… do pee here… very good place’ or words to that effect.

I still keep finding little surprises on the floor

If you are constantly finding puddles and messes follow the above procedure with one small change. When you take him to the puddle or poop and he averts his eyes and doesn’t want to know anything about it, tie his leash to something nearby such as a table leg or chair leg. Make sure he can’t escape seeing it. Leave him like this for a few minutes while you walk away and ignore him. Don’t leave him there for more than five minutes, that’s long enough to get the message across.

When you are not there

Leave your dog at a safe place to pee eg. your back yard or big room with some newspaper on the floor

Leave your dog at a safe place to pee eg. your back yard or big room with some newspaper on the floor when you're not home.

You can’t always be with your puppy 24 hours a day. When you go out you have the choice of putting him outside or containing him to one room. You could also put him in the garage or make a fenced off area. Choose an area that can be easily cleaned after accidents. Put newspapers in the room with him near the door.

Don’t shut him up in a small bathroom. That’s not going to teach him anything.

It’ll take about 2-3 weeks to potty train a dog

Remember that all dogs are not the same and some will learn very quickly and some will take a little longer. Some dogs can learn paper training after one day.

Expect Regression

Sometimes months after you think you have successfully toilet trained your dog he will have the odd slip up. Expect this and deal with it as you did in the beginning.

..Accidents may happen with fully trained dogs. Dogs that are not neutered or spayed have a higher incidence of eliminating in the house. Scent marking is another form of undesired elimination and can be managed by neutering and refreshing house training

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Essential Dog Training Facts

The Facts to remember before start training dogs …..


  • Adult dogs can be housebroken in the same way as puppies.
  • Puppies have limited bladder control.
  • Dogs & puppies like to be clean and to sleep in a clean area.
  • All dogs do best when kept to a routine schedule.
  • Dogs have to go poddy when…
    • they wake up in the morning or after a nap
    • within 1/2 hour after eating
    • before they go to sleep

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Welcome to Dog Training Universe

Here you’ll find many practical ways to train your lovely dogs, make them to listen to you and obey you ..

Dog training is not that hard!

Dog training is not that hard!

Dog training is not hard

Do you ever get the feeling that your dog is the “master” and you’re just along for the ride? I’m sure you’re not alone. In your house, it’s your dog’s couch, chair, bed (in your bedroom), not yours, and if you try to reclaim this space, you might get a growl in return. Are you frustrated with your dog’s consistent disobedience to any of your commands.

If this sounds familiar in any way, you’re on the right path here – there is a way to turn your dog into an obedient dog with the proper dog training tips.

One thing that you have to remember is that Dog Training is not a hard but you can’t expect them to obey your command over a night.  Training dog is like teaching your kids. They know nothing at start as their brain is empty. But the good part about being empty brain is it can absorb pretty much everything you put in without rejecting it but because the knowledge that you’re trying to teach them are so new to them. That’s why sometimes when the dogs don’t obey you,  it’s because they don’t remember how to react to your command, not that they’re trying to ignore.

The training needs some times

Better to start when theyre little.

Better to start when they're little.

Just imagine the feeling of pride when you instruct your dog or puppy to perform a trick and he does it correctly all the time. Teaching some very basic dog training tricks to your pet is not as difficult as it may sound like.

You can start by teaching him one trick each week. And you have to be patient. Training dos is like teaching your kids. They both are very new to world and they know nothing like what you’ve known. Dogs or puppy don’t know why they can’t just use any where as their toilet as they have no concept about manner or hygienic.

So the dog training needs some times. You’d have to go slow with them,  training them step by step and do not pressure them too much. Very soon you’ll find that your little best friend can do their job very well and much much more than you’ve expected! It’s such a great reward, isn’t it?

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The meaning of basic commands

Heel:The dog is always on your left heel with the command heel

The dog is always on your left heel with the command heel

When you say to your dog to heel, it means that he is supposed to walk with you with his head on your left heel. This is one of those dog training tricks that will make the dog realize that you are the one who is in charge and this will also keep the dog calm when in public. Once you have trained you dog to heel, he will always remain on your left heel whether you are standing, running, walking, changing directions and he will not try to run ahead of you and will also not try to pull the leash.

Sit: Sitting dog

Teaching your dog to sit is real easy. Even a young puppy as old as four to five weeks can learn to sit in a day or two. You just have to make your dog sit by by saying it repeatedly until he does it right. TO make sure he understands the sit command, reward your dog with a treat whenever he does it right.


This trick is to be used when you want your dog to be in a place for long even without you. This helps your dog to stay out of trouble by not encountering any nearby distraction. Remember that making your dog perform some very basic dog training tricks will not remain difficult once you start to understand the behavior of your pet.


When you say to your dog to stay it means that he has to keep him self stick to the place he is currently in either in sitting position or in a down position. Mostly this trick is taught when the dog has learned to follow the “sit” and “down command”.


They can stand up like you! How cute and smart?

They can stand up like you! How cute and smart?

Imagine you took your dog outside for a bath and there he is either laying down or sitting making it very difficult for you to wash him. This is where this trick comes into play. This is one of those dog training tricks that many people overlook as they think dogs can do this all the time but you have to teach him in order to follow your command.


Teaching your dog to always come to you when you call him can be a bit tricky at times if you are late in training him how it is done. Usually dogs get distracted easily and you might end loosing your dog attention. There are many ways of teaching a dog to follow the “come” command and the mostly used method is with the help of a long leash.


This command is to be used when your dog is jumping on you or on your couch. Saying “Off” will indicate to the pet that he should not be jumping here and he is now supposed to get off whatever he in on. If this is the first time your dog is behaving this way then it might not be very difficult to teach him how to follow this command.

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